17 December 2012

In Memorium

I'm too devastated to talk about design today. The unspeakable mass murder of young children - babies really -- their teachers, and faculty in Newtown, Connecticut is too disturbing, demented and just plain evil.  It is an incomprehensible massacre of incredible magnitude. I'm just haunted by the absolute routine nature of it all - the media, our response, the local government's response, the 2 minutes of focus on gun safety laws and then nada, zip, nothing.  I can't believe that once again there has been another senseless tragedy because another troubled young male loner with easy access to a gun has unleashed that weapon on innocent babies and their protectors.  Once again the media has introduced us to the victims posthumously-  watching in sorrow as yet another town overflowing with grief struggles to comprehend the uncomprehensable, to bear the unbearable.  Watching the memorials we Americans send notes of support and love, wear pins to show our solidarity as we mourn for the loss of innocents again and agains and 

A G A I N and A G A I N and A G A I N


It doesn't have to be this way.  Sadly, we are one of the most violent nation's on earth with some of the laxest gun laws on the planet.  Maybe it's a cowboy thing or something.  I just don't think it's necessary for us to carry one of those military machines that can shoot off 100 bullets before reloading in 2012.  Call me crazy, but if this isn't the right time to re-visit gun safety laws, again, then I don't know when it ever will be.  And just to blow your mind with a couple of statistics from nations with gun safety & control laws:

Sorry for the rant.  I just think it's time we all started ranting and talking about the gun violence in this country! It's time to start petitions and call Congress to demand they honor the victims by doing something to change the status quo.  Together, we are stronger than the opposition to gun safety laws.  We must be able to send our children off to school in the morning with confidence they will come home safely. 

 Anything else is unacceptable.  

Love, peace, xoxo"s,



11 December 2012

Jechonias Thayer House Christmas Tour, Part 6

The Gardener's Guild of Braintree also decorated a gift wrapping room with a red cardinal theme.  Just off the kitchen, pantry & breakfast room is a small space with a long counter height table and stools under 2 high windows.  There are also two doors: one leads into the charming little mud room you can see here.  The other leads into a cozy New England family room that we will look at next.  On the door leading into the mudroom and on one of the closet doors were these swags.

And here is a view of the room itself.  Isn't this a great space to wrap gifts?

Here's a close-up of the little flocked Christmas tree with red cardinals and ornaments.  So sweet!  

In front of two small closet doors was this giant rounded birdcage decorated with greens inside and out.  I'm not sure if there was a bird in there or not!!

 The Gardener's Guild of Braintree team who decorated the room made the corkboard with wine corks fitted in a small window frame. 

Are you saying to yourself, "Wrapping room?  I haven't even started shopping yet!"  Yikes!  Then we are in the same boat.  Every year I procrastinate until a day or two before Christmas Eve and then shop til I either drop or the stores close -- whichever comes first.  You would think I'd learn by now....

Daily Dose of Nola

Aimee, Mike, and Nola are in New Orleans for a little pre-Christmas R&R.  

Have a fantastic day everyone!



10 December 2012

Jechonias Thayer House Christmas Tour, Part 5

A view today of the breakfast room, kitchen, pantry, and upstairs back hall of the Jechonias Thayer House 2012 Christmas Tour decorated by the oh-so-talented members of the Gardener's Guild of Braintree, Massachusetts.  To see earlier posts  on this charming house tour, click Part 4Part 3Part 2Part 1 and/or Exterior & Mudroom

Now I love gilded and sparkly bling as much as the next gal, but I also adore the use of natural materials as was used in the breakfast room.  I'm also a sucker for anything with burlap or pinecones...and don't even get me started on grapevine!

The use of omegranates, lemons, pinecones, and fresh greens continued into the Kitchen and Pantry as well. 

I love the birch bark pots on either side of the punch bowl.  Speaking of punch isn't it decorated beautfiully?  And yes, those are soapstone counters!  Love!

The room smelled wonderful too!  Wish I had gottne a photo of the amazing gingerbread house display, but the kitchen was soooo crowded I'm lucky to have gotten the shots I did!

The Kitchen Pantry was the sweetest little space restored beautifully and outfitted for the holiday with perfection! I couldn't get a shot of the entire space due to the crowds.  It was similar to the Butler's Pantry below- except the upper shelves were open. If you missed the Butler's Pantry, check it out here

On the window wall was this little drying rack decorated with towels and fresh greens.  Perfect!

Last, but certainly not least, is the upstairs hall and back staircase.  So charming and New England = lots of ideas to decorate your own sweet casa!

Next time, a look at the gift-wrapping room which was a huge hit on the tour and then the cozy family room and its beautiful tree.

It's always absolutely amazed me how as parents we can spend a small fortune on toys for the little cherubs and all they want to play with is the box it came in.  The same holds true with a piece of ribbon.  Give a baby a ribbon to play with (supervised of course!) and watch the fun begin!   Get your daily dose of Nola right here!

Hope your weekend was fantastic!



08 December 2012

Jechonias Thayer House Christmas Tour, Part 4

Just a couple of quick photos of the window boxes, swags and wreaths from the Gardener's Guild Tour that I haven't shown you yet.  Been so busy, I haven't had a moment to blog!   I promise to share once I get a chance!!

Here's the best little Elf ever! 

Have a great weekend!!


07 December 2012

Jechonias Thayer House Christmas Tour

 photos 1-6 source: Gardener's Guild of Braintree

 Entering through the back door is one amazing mudroom. I wasn't able to do it justice with my little i-phone camera because the space was crowded with so many people - all oooooing and awwwing over it.  This sweet little space captured my heart!  What a treat it would be to curl up on that lovely little banquetts with a cup of steaming hot cocoa. The Gardener's Guild decor was absolutely perfect.  

 Still more rooms to show you tomorrow!



05 December 2012

Jechonias Thayer House Christmas Tour, Part 3

Yesterday I thought I'd be able to show you the bedrooms on the tour today, but unfortunately I just don't have enough time this morning.  So, instead I will share some lovely photos of the foyer, dining room and living room taken by the Gardener's Guild of Braintree just before the house tour began.  Approximately 700 people visited the home making it one of the most popular Christmas tours in the clubs' history. 

The beautiful smile on this club member greeted visitors entering the main foyer 

The lovely foyer all decked out in its Christmas finery

The Madonna pays homage to the home's time as a convent.

Here's the light-filled living room 

That fabulous harpsichord/piano(?) must be 9 feet long at least! 
 Check out those hand carved legs-- simply to die for! 

Last, but certainly not least, is this fabulous dining room with hand painted wallpaper.  Below is a close up of the wallpaper I took with my I-phone.

More of this lovely Christmas tour tomorrow!  Here's your 

Daily Dose of Miss Nola!

eating bananas rolled in Cheerio dust so she can pick them up- 
 Her mommy, Aimee is so clever!

Have a fantastic day!!