04 December 2012

Jechonias Thayer House Christmas Tour, Part 2

Today we'll take a look at the upstairs bathrooms.  All have been fully and faithfully restored to their former glory.  When the new homeowners purchased the house in 2011, the upstairs had significant water damage and the walls were a mess too as shown in this photo below:

But that was soooo then, this is now!

Quite a beautiful change!

I really respect the homeowners decision to retain, when possible, all the fixtures and the bathroom suites.   Opting to restore and reuse versus replace reflects he homeowners respect for the  history and architecture of the home. 

 Of course the guild's lovely touches are perfection!

Notice the attention to detail by the Gardener's Guild wrapping a row of turquoise beads around the sconce to offset the turquoise ribbon holding the star.(above) It's those little details that make this Christmas house tour absolutely perfect!

Another wonderful window sill with a lovely pot of rosemary accented by boughs of pine.  Just beautiful!

Cigar rests were in each of the upstairs baths.  
These were definitely relics of a bygone era!

The master bath is entered from the dressing room below.

photo: gardeners guild of braintree

 the toilets in the home are the old fashioned pull-chain type.

the kissing ball (above) was made from balsam wood rosettes painted red- adorable!

The guild decorated every bit of available space with simple greens and lots of charm.  I hope today's post has inspired you to deck your own bathroom halls with some boughs of holly- fa la la la la! Tomorrow we'll take a look at the bedrooms along with the front and back staircases.  In the meantime, did you know that Nola is pure applelicious? Aimee puts apples in the freeaer for lil miss teething terror to chew on. It works too.* So cute!

Isn't she just too cute?  

See you tomorow!



** babies have to be watched like hawks (that means every second)  Never leave a baby alone if you try this!  Short story, true story:  a local man choked to death eating a sandwich alone in his truck.  Andh e was in his 30s,  

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