23 April 2011

Easter Eggscitement! So many things to do with eggs!

charm design

These 2 beautiful eggs above are from Charm Design



YUM!  That chocolate egg looks delicious!

Dreamy inspirations for the Easter Table

Seeking inspiration for a fabulous Easter table that will wow your guests?  Then check out the photos below, but I must warn you they may lead to hours of arranging and rearranging your own table.  Some are sweet and simple, while others are more complex, but each is drool-worthy. Have a glorious Easter!

Belgian Pearls
French Farmhouse 425

French Larkspur
Dreamy Whites

Kevin Harris above and below

Belgian Pearls

Fun, Hip Easter Eggs

Now these are some eggs I would like to scavenge for on Easter morning!  So fun, colorful and childlike.  And oh, so festive!  
Courtesy of fjellby

22 April 2011

"the earth laughs in flowers..."

Happy Earth Day!  The Massachusetts poet. e.e.cummings,  certainly knew the joys of spring after a long snowy winter.  He  celebrated spring's spectacular show with the image invoking line. "the earth laughs in flowers."    At long last, New England is beginning to giggle as the buds swell and grow fat with the promise of blossoms to come.   Everywhere you look the early spring bulbs have risen from the damp earth and overhead the arched branches whisper with promise.  While the wind gently carries the floral scent of the perfumed princess, hyacinth, through the open window mocking me as I struggle to resist its allure.  This is no time to work indoors! Take a look and see if the amazing photos below don't inspire merriment!

Prettiest Photos of a Spring Day!

I am drooling over this beautiful orchard...  Imagine a wedding here with the bride in a flowing muslin gown (think Marie Antoinette playing peasant) with pale pink cherry blossoms scattered in her hair...

photos from picassa

My garden is sprouting peonies and papillons!

Okay, so there aren't any peonies in these photos but it sounded better than tulips and papillons!  The papillon is our youngest dog, Cody.  He loves to smell the flowers -- really, I'm not kidding!