22 August 2011

Coastal Kitchen Inspirations

I am completely obsessed with the turquoise gorgeousness of this kitchen by Diamond Baratta Interiors! 

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!  I had a wonderful dinner with friends on Friday night.  My friend, Michelle, lives in a small coastal community and has the most wonderful views of both the ocean and the bay from her kitchen.  I'm soooo jealous! Michelle is  a terrific hostess!  She is also one of the funniest people I know.  She is one of those people who see the humor in every situation and make you see it too. She is also a master mommy juggling the bedtime demands of her two beautiful daughters: two year old, Alaina, and three year old, Charlotte, while making a delicious meal of fresh haddock, Caprese salad and perfectly roasted potatoes with fresh herbs.  I don't know how she does it!! Thanks so much Michelle for such a great evening!  

Charlotte, Mike, and Alaina
The only problem?  Her kitchen is small with limited storage and definitely needs some TLC.  Since she is a busy mom she needs my help!  So, together, we planned a frugal renovation to the space that fits her budget.  The room has a terrific South East exposure and two skylights making the space bright and cheerful all day long.  Of course the views of the ocean and bay are one of the rooms greatest assets!  The room itself is long and narrow with limited cabinetry and storage.  The appliances are new and stainless steel, but the refrigerator dominates the narrow space.  There are also a number of doors, openings, and traffic flow to consider as well.

Our color scheme is white cabinets, turquoise tiles (like these below) a hint of coral and touches of grey.

Michelle has an island similar to this (if I paint it - of course!)

The current kitchen door is solid steel and blocking terrific ocean views!  It needs to be replaced with a glass door like this one 

The faux green marble peel and stick floor tile inherited from the previous owner has to go as well!  However,  since the budget is limited we will paint and stencil the plywood beneath and seal it for something super chic!  A few of the ideas I have for the floor include the following:

I wouldn't use black -- but a faux driftwood finish instead... or, perhaps, a turquoise paint like one of these:

Stripes are nice and would make the room feel wider.....

A stenciled floor is is my personal favorite, but Michelle will have to choose hers!!

This one is from the oh-so-fabulous blog, Erin Ever After and combines a wood finish with a super big stencil -- love that!
A faux driftwood finish with a cool stencil like this might be perfect!  What do you think?

Here's an all over pattern from Design Sponge - Beautiful!

I'd love to replace the tiny upper cabinets with fat chunky open shelves like these:

A wall of turquoise tiles would go behind the wall with the shelves....I found these budget friendly tiles below:

This may be over the top...but how could I leave it out?

No wonder turquoise is Panetone's color of the year -

The dining area would be cute like this but I think we could recycle the existing upper cabinet and make a banquette like this (covered in "pleather" because I have seen these cute lil' girls eat pudding -- and it isn't pretty!! :)

Well, these are a few of my inspirations for Michelle's kitchen redo!  

Hope you have a marvelous Monday!  

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  1. LOOOOOOVE everything! Can't wait to see the transformation! It's going to be amazing.