14 September 2012

Sleep Deprived

I've been so busy for the past month that I haven't had a moment to blog.  But it's never been far from my thoughts.  Especially at night when I couldn't fall sleep, I would berate myself for taking such a long vacation from this blog. The next thing you know it's one of those tossing and turning, worrying that you will oversleep, or worse yet, forget to do something important in the morning sort of nights spent waiting for morning. Yup, I got me a case of insomnia.

You know those nights you lie there in bed wide-eyed and sleep deprived?   Glassy eyes staring at the shadows dancing across the ceiling from the wind blowing through the trees outside the window, interrupted sporadically to gaze at the luminous clock face rushing in its unstoppable race toward morning as you wish for sleep to come.  Its incessant ticking taunts you, "You'll never get to sleep."

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Each revolution of the minute hand around the dial brings dawn closer and with it the chance of falling back to sleep fades away.  

I despise the clock.  If it wouldn't disturb everyone else's sleep I might smash it on the floor and stomp on it over and over again like a petulant child. 

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The clock is the enemy of the insomniac.  It's unforgiving and unyielding; totally incapable of even the most minute amount of sympathy for the wide awake.  Its rigid refusal to slow down and wait, or pause, even momentarily, so I can stop worrying about being unable to fall asleep, and actually do it, only reveals the clock's true purpose is to torment me until dawn.

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But then as the pale soft grey light finally appears it promises yet another bleary-eyed, grumpy sort of morning and an afternoon of self medicating caffeine pick-me-ups.

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Exasperated at the clock, jealous of those still enjoying a sweet quiet slumber, I climb out of bed to watch the sunrise over the backyard. 

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Sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee, I decide it's time to stop letting guilty thoughts about this blog affect my sleep. So it's time to sit down and just get started.  You know, this is one thing less to worry about at night, so I'm hopefull I might actually sleep like a baby tonight.  Could blogging be the cure for my insomnia?  

 Speaking of babies, here's your long overdue Daily Dose of Nola!

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