17 January 2013

Madly in Love!

No, I haven't been swept off my feet by some dashing stranger, just a beautiful kitchen that stole my heart!  From its hand-hewn weathered barn wood beams, to the steel framed window grille and antique iron pendant hung over that simple wood table with industrial steel legs we are talking perfection here dear readers!  Oh, and don't I just want to sit in those perfectly beautiful weathered gray chairs and gaze at those drop-dead gorgeous pale Parisian gray cabinets with chicken wire doors all day long.  I'd never grow tired of this look! 

Yes, I'm thoroughly smitten! 

Have a wonderful day all!!



Oops!  I can't find my photo credit for this - or even what board I pinned it to on Pinterest.....if anyone knows the source or photographer to be credited, please let me know!! Thanks!:))

11 January 2013

Headboards to Love!

While the mirrored bed above and silver headboard below are absolutely beautiful, there is nothing better than an upholstered headboard for lazy Sunday mornings reading the newspaper in bed.  Here's a few of my faves because of their shape, size, fabric, or just overall gorgeousness!

This bedroom below gets my vote for fabulousness - comfy, sultry, sexy and inviting! Don't you just want to crawl in that bed?

Want more fabulous headboards and beautiful bedrooms?  Of course you do!  Here's the link to all of these, sources, credits and more.

Nola pulled herself up to stand for the first time yesterday!  Oh boy, now the fun really begins!  Here's the photo Aimee sent!

Have a happy Friday all!


04 January 2013

Nooks, Nooks, & More Nooks!

Nooks and niches are cozy spots to curl up with a good book....

 or sit and dine with beloved family and friends... 

to soak away the cares of the day...

or simply to find a sheltered spot to snooze the night away--sweet dreams guaranteed! 

Have a terrific weekend!

Here's Nola, the Cheerio Bandit!!



03 January 2013

Sweet Sunny Spots

Around this time of year in New England it can get pretty damn cold out.  And right now its a really cold 7 degrees Fahrenheit.  When it's this cold outside you tend to look for the same sunny sweet spots in the house that the cat and dog love to curl up in to soak up the warmth.  Move over Kitty and Fido!  

Here's a few of my faves:

Maybe it's a good idea to just stay in bed today!

photo: Maz Wanger

Nola bullying her friend Henry with a teething biscuit.

Stay in the patches of sunlight today and be warm!




02 January 2013

Covetus Kitchenus


I totally love kitchens. I mean ALL kinds of kitchens.  Really. I have the dreaded, absolutely untreatable, and seriously terminal disease, covetus kitchenus

 cote de texas

If you, dear reader, also suffer from this disease then you will love this post.  So grab a fresh cup of java, tea, or cocoa and get comfy.


While I personally adore the charm of a unique  deconstructed kitchen space to the purely utilitarian spaces that are uber functional, I still drool over those austere kitchens. Secretly though I wonder where the owners hide all their appliances, kitchen tools, and well, stuff!


In fact, if I could collect kitchens and miniaturize them to display like dioramas on a shelf, you know like Candy Torring's obsession with her infamous doll room? I really would! 


Oh yeah, it's that bad!  And I'd bore my friends - you know, we all have them, the ones who could give a s*@t about interior design (never mind, kitchen design)- to death with stories of new kitchens in my collection. 


Well, thank goodness for Pinterest because it's    kinda like having Candy Spelling's doll room to collect and organize all of your favorite kitchens in.  Then you can take them out to look at whenever you want. 


Today, I want to look at the coziest kitchens that share a common feature:

Best of all, you can get this look in your own kitchen.  You don't have to have a big farmhouse sink to skirt, a typical suburban kitchen can get this look just as easily with a wrought iron rod attached to your cabinet like the cabinet above on the left and below on the right.

Of course, a ji-normous farmhouse sink is just spectacular skirted!

I love the scalloped trim on these two sinks below

Want to see more?  Just follow this link for more photos and sources.  

Have a great day today!