12 March 2012

Photo Shoot Magic: Matt Gleason Photography

A super busy day on Friday!  Nola had her very first ever professional newborn portrait done by Matt Gleason Photography  The session lasted nearly five hours!  It was positively amazing! The super talented photographer, Matt, along with his beautiful assistant, who is also his lovely wife, Jucelia, were just the most amazing photographic duo. They even fed us delish oatmeal cookies!  Thanks Jucelia!!

They also have the cutest little boy, Matty, who is two and a half. Both Matt and Jucelia were so gentle and patient waiting for little Nola to cooperate and go back to sleep.  I thought I would share some behind the scenes candids of the photo shoot taken from my i-phone camera. Matt was so nice to let me take these shots.   I can't wait to see how fantastic the results are on Matt's fancy digital camera! Wow!  I bet they are magical!  By the way, Jucelia wears gloves so even if her hands are cold, she won't wake the little ones. Awwwww. 

Jucelia was able to mold little Nola into incredible poses while simultaneously soothing and calming an occasionally cranky newborn who preferes being tightly swaddled and left to sleep undisturbed.  I loved how they used a white noise machine, a fan and multiple heaters to keep baby Nola warm and happy!

Matt is the consumate professional photographer obsessed with every detail: especially lighting.  When Nola woke up he turned off the overhead light.  Why?  because the overhead light bar was reflected in the iris of her eyes! Who knew?  This is one of my favorite props that we used.  A wicker basket with a green blanket that looked like moss and a silk orchid pinned onto a newborn headband. (By the way, thanks Mariah! xo)

It kinda reminds me of Botticelli's Birth of Venus -- that is if she was born of the forest and not the sea.... That would be such a cool shot--  a newborn baby in one of those giant clamshells with a pearlescent covering?  Have any of you photographer's done a shot like that because I would love to see it!

Do you see all those hats hanging up in the photo below?  There's baskets and boxes more!  So many props, so little time!!

 Yes, of course we think Nola is really an angel!  I can't wait to see Matt's photos of this pose!  

And, I swear Jucelia is the baby whisperer! She was able to shush Nola with a soft shhh and her gentle touch.

My i-phone camera certainly doesn't do these photos justice!

If you live in eastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and need a photographer, I can't recommend this young and rising photographer team more.  Matt does weddings, senior year photos, engagement shots, save the dates, etc.  Their obvious love of children is apparent in Matt's photos as he patiently waits for the right shot.  Their creativity is contagious!  Aimee and I had so much fun collaborating with Matt and Jucelia on prop combinations.  They strive to take the time to get a custom and  unique look that reflects your needs instead of some generic over-relied-on pose.

Matt's attention to lighting is obvious by the gorgeous peach skintone on Nola!

Matt keeps Nola in a pose while Aimee had the tough job of removing Nola's binky!

One of the shoots they specialize in is the first birthday "Cake Smash" where they photograph your cute little one messily devouring or smashing their first birthday cake. Extra fun, because you don't have the clean-up - just some great photos!

Thank you so much Matt, Jucelia and little Matty.  It was great to meet the three of you and Aimee, Nola, and I had so much fun!  Thanks for such a great day!

Have a terrific day today!



photos: via my i-phone
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