21 September 2011

Greige Madness

Greige. or that oh so subtle combination of grey and beige is all the rage currently in the design world.  For good reason, too.  Greige is so restful to the eye,  providing a calm note of serenity to its rooms,  and couldn't we all use a bit of that?   And, the wide variations of greige -- it can range from a pale silver to a deep slate to greyed out moss, lavender, and so on.  This makes greige perfect since each of us can find our own  favorite shade to inspire visual calm in our busy lives!

Follow the link above for a listing of the paint suppliers and color numbers!  My own kitchen is a mix of Valspar's Winter in Paris (5002-1A) and Smoke Infusion (5002-1B) a grayish green that reminds me of the foam on the ocean on a stormy day.  Everyone who comes in asks for the paint color!  Here's a link to the first color at www.valsparpaint.com: winter in paris.  And here for the second, www.valsparpaint.com/smoke infusion.  

I love this chair!  I have black wicker chairs that I want to faux finish like this with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  When I do, I'll share the results!  

greigedesign.blogspot.com designed by Dana Wolfer

Greige is perfect in the kitchen too!
      The following three kitchen and breakfast room photos designed by Tobi Fairley make me swoon!  And they must hit a chord with many of you since these photos have gotten a tremendous number of hits on Pinterest!  Here the greige cabinets are accented with white and a soft grey blue creating a perfect decor!

via Pinterest
 blog.cobblestoneandvine.com,  design by Suzanne Kasler. 
The paint color is Sherwin Williams Mega Greige (SW7031)

And, why not do the nursery in greige?  Perfect for a boy or a girl!!

Have a wonderful day!

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