26 August 2011

Wonderful White Kitchens

Thought I'd share a few kitchens with you this beautiful Friday morning.  Whether they are traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, rustic, or suburban chic, all of them have one thing in common: white cabinets.  Any shade of white is my favorite cabinet color for a timeless kitchen.  Enjoy!

De Giulio kitchen

What about a touch of oh-so-beautiful blue?

Have a wonderful weekend! 

25 August 2011

The Bold & the Colorful: Diamond & Baratta Design

Today, a visual feast of color, geometry, and bold interiors from  Diamond Baratta Design.  WOW! 

The design team's use of shape, form, and color is absolutely dazzling.  Just looking at these rooms makes me smile and realize design, like life, should be playful and fun!

Have a terrific day!

All Images: Diamond Baratta Design

23 August 2011

Terrific Techniques for Tuesday

Painted Floors:  What's not to love about these gorgeous beauties?

Yesterday, I posted a few photos of painted floors (Coastal-Kitchen-Inspirations.  They are so beautiful, and are such an inspiration in planning a kitchen renovation on a budget, and besides, I totally fell in love with the possibilities!  Plain and Simple? Stripes? Stencil? Chevron or mosiac pattern? Whew! The choices are so fun and only limited by your imagination!

I have painted nearly everything that doesn't move, but I haven't painted floors before.  Shocking, I know!  So, I was doing a little research on the web and thought I would post some DIY info and links just in case you too are thinking of swirling some paint on your own floors! 

DIY Info

  • This is the most important step of all!  The floor must be dry, wax free, gloss-free, and lint-free.  If you are painting over an existing finish, sand it first!  Find DIY tips at realsimple.com and Elle Decor.com
  • Use masking tape to protect the bottom of moldings/cabinets from any splatters!  
  • Cut in with paint and roll out your base coat. using a short nap roller and a broom stick.  Follow the paint manufacturer's instructions for drying time, recoats, etc.
  • If you are stenciling a pattern over the painted finish consider your pattern's size -- bigger is better -- and also think about door thresholds and how you will end your pattern.
  •  For a great step-by-step guide to painting over hardwood using the low VOC product Breakthrough, check out high-heelfootinthedoor.blogspot.com.


Depending on the amount of wear expected or desired, plan on using two to five coats of a water-based polyurethene to protect your painted floor.  Unless you want a worn finish, a kitchen floor should have 4 - 5 coats. If you want a lot of shine use a glossy finish -- but it will show scratches - so if you have pets and kids, you really might want to use a matte or satin finish instead.  Tada!  That's it! 


Ok, no one wants to do it, but you need to sweep regularly and wash your pretty painted floor with either a mild detergent, your handy Swifter,  or  a mix of warm water and white vinegar. Enjoy!

The kids and I are off to the beach for some late summer sun before the school year starts!  

Have a fun day!