01 December 2011

New England Style Christmas Decor: Front Doors


Happy Friday at last!  I just love a simple New England Christmas decor.  For the past few years, I've returned to this style when decorating at Christmas.  I really like how this style highlights the use of simple, natural materials. It's kind of a throwback to the frugal Yankee reuse of using whatever is around.  So you will see New England homes accessorized with objects like an old wooden sled, fishing basket, skates, or other items that add a bit of flair or wow to their front door. Lighting?  A single white candle with a clear bulb in each window is the only choice -- it's a must.  A spotlight or two on the front door highlights the wreath perfectly at night and guides those carolers to your front door for hot cocoa -- yeah, right!  Okay, so maybe it's just the dog walker!  These designs are often asymmetrical-- you know,  informal.



Natural and organic materials are a must for this look. Holly leaves and berries, Balsam,  white pine, boxwood, grapevine, pheasant feathers, pine cones, bittersweet, oyster shells, starfish, or in other words, whatever is available outside your door!  Combine it with wired ribbon or rustic  materials like burlap and jute twine or skip that all together.  The entire look is super casual and understated a la Puritan. I think this style is so beautiful in its simplicity -- what do you think? 



How do you decorate your front door?

Have a terrific weekend!



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