10 December 2012

Jechonias Thayer House Christmas Tour, Part 5

A view today of the breakfast room, kitchen, pantry, and upstairs back hall of the Jechonias Thayer House 2012 Christmas Tour decorated by the oh-so-talented members of the Gardener's Guild of Braintree, Massachusetts.  To see earlier posts  on this charming house tour, click Part 4Part 3Part 2Part 1 and/or Exterior & Mudroom

Now I love gilded and sparkly bling as much as the next gal, but I also adore the use of natural materials as was used in the breakfast room.  I'm also a sucker for anything with burlap or pinecones...and don't even get me started on grapevine!

The use of omegranates, lemons, pinecones, and fresh greens continued into the Kitchen and Pantry as well. 

I love the birch bark pots on either side of the punch bowl.  Speaking of punch isn't it decorated beautfiully?  And yes, those are soapstone counters!  Love!

The room smelled wonderful too!  Wish I had gottne a photo of the amazing gingerbread house display, but the kitchen was soooo crowded I'm lucky to have gotten the shots I did!

The Kitchen Pantry was the sweetest little space restored beautifully and outfitted for the holiday with perfection! I couldn't get a shot of the entire space due to the crowds.  It was similar to the Butler's Pantry below- except the upper shelves were open. If you missed the Butler's Pantry, check it out here

On the window wall was this little drying rack decorated with towels and fresh greens.  Perfect!

Last, but certainly not least, is the upstairs hall and back staircase.  So charming and New England = lots of ideas to decorate your own sweet casa!

Next time, a look at the gift-wrapping room which was a huge hit on the tour and then the cozy family room and its beautiful tree.

It's always absolutely amazed me how as parents we can spend a small fortune on toys for the little cherubs and all they want to play with is the box it came in.  The same holds true with a piece of ribbon.  Give a baby a ribbon to play with (supervised of course!) and watch the fun begin!   Get your daily dose of Nola right here!

Hope your weekend was fantastic!



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