11 December 2012

Jechonias Thayer House Christmas Tour, Part 6

The Gardener's Guild of Braintree also decorated a gift wrapping room with a red cardinal theme.  Just off the kitchen, pantry & breakfast room is a small space with a long counter height table and stools under 2 high windows.  There are also two doors: one leads into the charming little mud room you can see here.  The other leads into a cozy New England family room that we will look at next.  On the door leading into the mudroom and on one of the closet doors were these swags.

And here is a view of the room itself.  Isn't this a great space to wrap gifts?

Here's a close-up of the little flocked Christmas tree with red cardinals and ornaments.  So sweet!  

In front of two small closet doors was this giant rounded birdcage decorated with greens inside and out.  I'm not sure if there was a bird in there or not!!

 The Gardener's Guild of Braintree team who decorated the room made the corkboard with wine corks fitted in a small window frame. 

Are you saying to yourself, "Wrapping room?  I haven't even started shopping yet!"  Yikes!  Then we are in the same boat.  Every year I procrastinate until a day or two before Christmas Eve and then shop til I either drop or the stores close -- whichever comes first.  You would think I'd learn by now....

Daily Dose of Nola

Aimee, Mike, and Nola are in New Orleans for a little pre-Christmas R&R.  

Have a fantastic day everyone!



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