17 December 2012

In Memorium

I'm too devastated to talk about design today. The unspeakable mass murder of young children - babies really -- their teachers, and faculty in Newtown, Connecticut is too disturbing, demented and just plain evil.  It is an incomprehensible massacre of incredible magnitude. I'm just haunted by the absolute routine nature of it all - the media, our response, the local government's response, the 2 minutes of focus on gun safety laws and then nada, zip, nothing.  I can't believe that once again there has been another senseless tragedy because another troubled young male loner with easy access to a gun has unleashed that weapon on innocent babies and their protectors.  Once again the media has introduced us to the victims posthumously-  watching in sorrow as yet another town overflowing with grief struggles to comprehend the uncomprehensable, to bear the unbearable.  Watching the memorials we Americans send notes of support and love, wear pins to show our solidarity as we mourn for the loss of innocents again and agains and 

A G A I N and A G A I N and A G A I N


It doesn't have to be this way.  Sadly, we are one of the most violent nation's on earth with some of the laxest gun laws on the planet.  Maybe it's a cowboy thing or something.  I just don't think it's necessary for us to carry one of those military machines that can shoot off 100 bullets before reloading in 2012.  Call me crazy, but if this isn't the right time to re-visit gun safety laws, again, then I don't know when it ever will be.  And just to blow your mind with a couple of statistics from nations with gun safety & control laws:

Sorry for the rant.  I just think it's time we all started ranting and talking about the gun violence in this country! It's time to start petitions and call Congress to demand they honor the victims by doing something to change the status quo.  Together, we are stronger than the opposition to gun safety laws.  We must be able to send our children off to school in the morning with confidence they will come home safely. 

 Anything else is unacceptable.  

Love, peace, xoxo"s,



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