04 October 2011

Lovely Lace Looks

Lace isn't just for wedding gowns anymore so move on over pretty bride!  Lace has been showing up everywhere since about 2009.  Just look at all the ways it is being used! -- it's on windows, fences, and screens, wallpapers and pillows, chandeliers, shoes, and earrings too.  Take a look at all of the sweet, sexy, and even silly ways lace is being used today.

Lace can be sweet and demure....

or  scream  S-E-X-Y!

Lace can obscure the mess in your kitchen cabinets...

or, dress your windows in vintage charm.

And what would a blog on the subject of lace be without some scrumptious lace cookies to eat?  Aren't they too die for?

Gossimer wings take flight across my pillow 

But not In dreams. 
For my pillow’s made of linen and straw  
And lace lies there.

- Lori Howe

have a lovely day!

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