03 October 2011

Let the Autumn Decorating Begin!

Okay, so if my yard looked like this --covered in bright golden hued leaves --I wouldn't need  to do any decorating since nothing compares to Mother Nature's perfection.  Alas, in this neck of the woods, we are still a few weeks away from such majestic colors,  So what's a thoroughly obsessed decorating nut like myself to do in the meantime?  Fake it,of course!  The malls and shops have stacked the bales of hay, and scattered pumpkins, chrysanthemums and scarecrows in front of the cornstalks tied with autumn colored ribbons since July, I think! And, many of my neighbors' homes are bedecked in similar fashion as well.  I want to do something a bit different this year however, and thought I'd share with you some inspirations I've been looking at and collecting on Pinterest.

I'm obsessed with barns and to me nothing says fall harvest more than a barn and a tractor.  It's also the only explanation I could come up with for placing this pretty photo here!! :)

Ornamental kale is wonderful to use in your fall decorating and comes in so many varieties to spice up your decor.
This ruffled kale is purplicious!

Martha decoratively combined ruffled kale with flowers to bring the season's splendor inside...

Why not throw some in your window boxes along a purple aster to get some fall color?

Or, how about some mini-white pumpkins along with assorted chrysantheums?
This room screams autumn doesn't it?

I love the use of rusty orange toss pillows and throw to bring some autumn cheer in this neutral space below. The glow of the fire reflected on the gleaming hardwood floors....the bittersweet berries in the terracotta urns and the mini white pumpkins lined-up by size on the mantel all combine to create a stunning ambience.  

I know this is wedding decor, but why not borrow a few ideas for your next autumn soiree?

Leave it to Martha to come up with such a stunning centerpiece!

Homemade onion soup screams autumn to me.  It makes me think of  sitting by the warm glow of the fireplace enjoying this soup with a crusty baguette, a spinach salad, and a great big glass of vino.  I love cooking in the fall it just seems so cozy, and nurturing after summer grilling, don't you think so?

 Go to the link above for this oh-so-easy recipe and enjoy your own autumn meal with your family tonight.  If it's still warm enough where you live why not dine outside?  Isn't this pergola space with a fireplace inviting?  Wouldn't you just love to sit by this fireplace...

Have a terrific day today!

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