17 July 2011

Lavender Love... or a belated tribute to France for Bastille Day

  I went to the Brimfield Antique Fair on Tuesday for the first time ever.  I felt like a kid in a candy store!  It was so exciting to see all of the beautiful things displayed and I was a little too overwhelmed to take advantage of the great bargains to be had.  So, I went back on Friday!  Anyway, I should have posted this tribute to the artistic and creative genius of the French on Bastille Day. But it being summer and all, I am in that lazy, anything goes sort of mode.  I was thinking of how beautiful the various shades of lavender are when I was watering this morning and I caught its sweet scent. I have visions of planting neat, orderly rows of fresh lavender --as in Provence, but I've got to admit that each summer I am either too lazy or busy to actually do it.  The photos below just might be the incentive I need to finally make that happen!  I have a wisteria in my back yard that sends shoots up everywhere and I was mulling over the idea of cutting it down  Now that I have seen this al fresco dining space under a wisteria, I'll have to reconsider that idea!  Please check out the photos below and see what magic the various hues of lavender works outdoors! What the French can do with this color is breathtaking!  Can you imagine dining al fresco under that spectacular wisteria tree?  How magical is that?  Don't forget to gather your lavender to make sweet smelling sachets, bath salts, scrubs, and best of all; lavender water to iron your sheets!  I'm off to the Cape for a week of frolicking in the sun with my kids!  I'll try to blog a bit if I can.

Have a lovely day! 


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