20 July 2011

The Beauty of Cape Cod

Okay, so I live in New England; Massachusetts to be precise, and suddenly I am dazzled anew by the beauty that surrounds me in this small state.  I am, as they say, "down the Cape" enjoying some quality beach time with the kids, a little mini-golf, and lots of ice cream!  I'll deal with that later!  Yes, Mom, we are all wearing 30 SPF!  I love how one sultry summer day rolls into the next, and although I must admit I have been quite lazy this summer, I have woken up early enough (thanks to a few noisy birds) to see the sun rise over the ocean a couple of times now.  I captured a few images on my i-phone this morning to share with you.  It really must be one of the most magical, spiritual, even transcendental, experiences that we, mere mortals, can experience.  If you haven't watched the sunrise yet this summer; I highly recommend it... at least once!

Here are a just a few of the many things I love about Cape Cod and the islands...sunrises, blue hydrangeas, picket fences, roses growing on latticed roofs, porches, weathered grey shingled cottages....

Hope you are enjoying the beauty around you!


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