14 July 2011

Scandinavian Summer Style

And, how about a sweet little outdoor kitchen with homespun appeal?  I don't think I would ever leave!  
Scandinavian summer style is all sweetness and light; white with a pale punch - silvery gray, pale pink, or even, a jolt of Swedish Red.  After many long, dark, and dreary months of winter, the peoples of  Scandinavia welcome the summer solstice with joy.  And, why not?  The arrival of summer brings   endless hours of summer sunlight to the land.  I just adore their fantastic use of whites and how it is carried so romantically into the garden.  Be it furnishings, cushions, or flowers; white absolutely glows at twilight and reflects the lovely evening light.  Why not plant your own moonlight garden of roses and daisies, paint a few things white, and create your romantic Scandinaviska Sommar?

Why not a playhouse for the adults?

Hope you are celebrating your own Scandinavian Summer just as sweetly!  


Images:  nordingarden.blogspot.com, gustavianvintage.se, fagel-bla.blogspot.com, lantlif.blogspot.com,  hviturlakkris.blogspot.com, minskattkammare.blogspot.com,  rummetforvalbefinnande.blogspot.com

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