11 June 2012

In the Pink...

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Oh yeah, these spaces are so feminine, pink, and delicious they can only be called pink-a-licious!  These rooms are glam from the get go.  Whether  your favorite  shade is a soft, and not-so-innocent, baby pink; or an outrageously wild and in-your-face party till you drop raspberry,  embrace the inner girly-girl inside you who still loves everything pink!

Kelly Wearstler

Pink is just so darned pretty and there is a perfect shade for everyone- whether it's a pale peachy-pink or hot pink, or any hue in between. So go ahead and release your inner pink-a-nista.  Place some beautiful pink peonies or roses in a vase, paint your front door coral pink, add petal pink towels to that all white bath.  Tint the frosting for those chocolate cupcakes a pale pink - even the boys will like them with some chocolate sprinkles.  

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I'm loving these fancy-pants Baroque chairs in the pink leather, but then that sweet striped confection of a wall is over-the-top scrumptious!  Reminds me of a candy store or bakery. I think I'm craving candy! :)

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Up in northern Maine, on Swan Islandartisans use natural dyes and still weave their organic  yarns on handlooms to create dreamy blankets like this pink gingham beauty.   So pretty, who needs a bedspread?

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Deep raspberry pink with pale green is always a perfect palette.


Pink is sensational with charcoal gray or uber dramatic with black

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Ok, I put this in because I'm still craving something sweet from the striped wall photo!  That bone china cup would make my Nana swoon!

Can't you almost smell these beauties they are so pretty and pink!

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 from left: theloveofglitter.blogspot.com, Pantone, laceandtea.comflickr.com

So, what are you waiting for?  Get some pink in your life!


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Have a wonderful day!



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