12 June 2012

Beach Trip

Off the shores of the oh-so-charming "America's Hometown" of Plymouth, MA lies a wonderful sandbar called Brown's Bank that becomes the most magnificent beach at low tide, but disappears competely at high tide. It's only accessible by boat.  We've only been out twice so far this season, but it's such a magical spot that I thought I'd share some photos with you lovely readers.
This is a great shot of Plymouth Harbor docks where the fishing boats come in and whale watch tours like the Captain John depart. Below is an aerial view of Plymouth Bay and the harbor inside the long jetty in the middle of the photo.  Brewer's Marina and the Plymouth Yacht Club are in the lower left of the photo.
On the way out of the inner harbor I spied this gorgeous blue dinghy that is destined to become a watercolor when I get a bit of free time.
The sandbar is located off of Plymouth Beach, a long penninsula that naturally created a harbor for the Pilgrims long ago.  
In Plymouth Bay this sweet ittle lighthouse warns boaters of trecherous rocks in the area and is a great resting spot for the birds perched on it.
Brown's Bank is a beautiful sandbar that is spacious, family and dog friendly.  The water is warmer and crystal clear.
See all the boats lined up below?  Traffic jam at Brown's Bank!

Until the tide starts to come in.  

(that's Saquish in the background)

Then families begin to move their stuff to the highest most center point to enjoy every last bit of beach until the incoming tide swallows up the beach at last.  Our first trip out this season was on a really hazy day, like this one.  In the background you can barely see the lighthouse in the distance

Then it's time to head to the boat and either return to the Harbor or head across to Saquish.  This photo (below) is taken from Saquish Beach looking towards Clark Island on the left.  This is the beach we often go to at high tide.  It's a beautiful little place filled with beach shacks, gorgeous dunes and views, and powered by generators.

This is Gurnet lighthouse.

This photo is taken from Saquish looking toward Plymouth Beach with Browns Bank now invisible on the left

And all too soon, it's time to head back to reality as the sun slips over the horizon.
Yes, that is a replica of the Mayflower.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of one of my favorite spots.

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