22 February 2012

Running Out of Time


Hard to believe it, but it's time for my daughter, Aimee, to pack her bag to have ready for the hospital.  She's had a few complications and had to go to the hospital twice this past week.  I sat with her the first time she went and we survived on this. Yup, water and a bag of peanuts.  I can get by on this okay, (well, not very happily) but not a pregnant woman in her ninth month! So, until they brought her ginger ale and saltine crackers, this had to do!

So the whole time there we were drooling over this little grilled cheese with bacon beauty in an old Food and Wine magazine. It's kind of like a slow, painful, drip by drip, water torture to look at this magazine to the sound of our growling tummies. So we entertained ourselves deciding what restaurant we would go to when she was released.  Unfortunately, our top pick had a 45 minute wait, so the next closest restaurant got our money!  Not that there was any of this  yummy grilled cheese to be had.  Pity.

Now the doctors have put her on bed rest so I'll be at her house during the day to help her out and fetch things so she will stay in bed with her feet up  (ummm. that means I'll clean whatever she wants to be cleaned since she's nesting BIG time) drive her to the doctors and let the cute doggies in and out!

 paris apartment.
She had to go out on maternity leave early from her fab job as a writer for the best wedding blog around,

But I'm so sad there won't be anymore shopping adventures...

The doctor's are going to induce her Sunday night (if she doesn't go into labor first) So suddenly, I am so completely out of time to finish all the crazy  projects I assigned myself!


I am super busy finishing up a duvet cover and ruffled crib skirt for the nursery. Here's the duvet with it's little down comforter inside - done except for the snaps on the bottom that I'll finish tonight while watching tv. 

My sister is an amazing seamstress and did all the embroidery on her Bernina 830 - the most amazing sewing machine ever!  She even let me use "Big Bertha" for a while.  Now that she and Bertha have gone home,  it's back to my vintage Sears Kenmore on my mother's kitchen table. 

My sister, Teri, and I were both back home with my Mom because my Dad has been in a Boston hospital for over two weeks. Even with the drag of Boston traffic, it's been fun to be home.  Especially, since my Dad is now safe and recovering after three surgeries, a couple of heart attacks and some other issues as well. They just moved him to a rehabilitation hospital and we can all breathe a little easier! Go Dad! And, it's close enough for my Mom to drive there.

Before going home to Pennsylvania, my lil sis showed me how to make a pattern so now I can recover the cushions of the rocking chair in this gorgeous white matalasse I ordered from Calico Corners a few weeks ago.

I'm still crocheting an ombre Irish rose blanket for the baby. I've got twenty of the medium lavender roses done, about 70 to go!  Now, if I could just get my mom to make a few with me...

 Aimee wants me to make a little rose headband out of crochet thread for Nola too.  

I'm also refinishing this old nightstand for the nursery - it was spray painted gold when I first found it in my fave vintage shop.  This is it with one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White sitting in my kitchen.

I wanted to play around with a weathered driftwood finish to pick up on the butterfly mobile I made from an old piece of driftwood, fishing line, and cardstock.

I still have at least one more coat to get the soft, smooth look of driftwood I want, and then a wax finish. I also need to get this poster I made matted and framed.

I always loved that song!!  So I definitely feel like the time to complete the nursery is running out fast...Here's a little sneak peek at its progress.

Of course we still have lots of things to do,  Pictures to hang, shelves to put up, etc. etc.  And, of course, I've got to get the bedding and rocking chair cushions done!  But, we sure are running out of time!

Luckily, the boys are having a blast with my husband exploring Washington D.C. this February vacation week. They sent me a photo of the great view of the Washington monument from their hotel room yesterday afternoon, and a highway sign for Bowie, Maryland - where I grew up -- how sweet! They were so excited on the phone last night telling me all about their adventures.  Can't wait to hear what they do today!

Well, I've got to get back to work!

Have a great day today!



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