24 February 2012

DIY it!

Oh inbox, how I love to find a great email with a tip from a friend and fellow blogger.  Especially when they are something as awesome, affordable and uber chic as this. Have you seen these yet?  Amazing light-weight PVC composite fretwork panels that you can glue with liquid nails over your IKEA furniture and give it an expensive look.  We're talking about some big time prettiness here!  Just look at what Kate of Centsational Girl did to a pretty little round table by adding the circle overlay spray painted gold. Ba-zam! Perfect pizazz! Thanks Erin! I promise a roadtrip to IKEA!! (xo) 

These are the oh-so-brilliant creation of Cheryle Rhuda and Danika Herrick of O'verlays.  Here's a few more inspiring photos from their blog.  I've got to get me some of these!!  

I know you want to get more of this gorgeousness, so here's the link to their online shop and you can check out Danika's hip transformation of her sweet casa at her blog, Gorgeous Shiny Things.

Nest fab find was at Ikea Hackers that led me to this chic silver-leafed IKEA Rast dresser.  Can I have two, pretty please?

Get all the DIY steps for yourself from Barbara's super creative blog with tons of DIY projects at  hodge:podge.  The silver-leaf lamp is a project I've been contemplating for a couple of lamps in my basement for a while now...Hmmm

Is there a pretty princess in your life who needs a cool hip vibe for her boudoir? Bev at Flamingo Toes came up with the DIY for these LOVE knock-off pillowcases adding her own special touch with these layered ruffles - so Anthropologie!  This is a great project to work on together for a little mommie and me time.

I have a photo I took of a teen bedroom on my desktop but can't recall where I got it -- so if anyone knows the source, please send me a quick email!!

Speaking of Anthropologie,  these incredible DIY knock-off of flutter curtains by Kojo Designs make my heart skip a beat with joy just to look at them! Is that safe?  haha! Imagine if those little flutters were butterfly shaped in a nursery?  Heart=stopping....

You can get the directions at Kojo Designs

Yesterday, I met the most amazing and creative women at Oasis Spa in South Weymouth while getting a much needed mani and pedi. Thanks Lilly, I enjoyed the stories about your beautiful daughters and their abundant creativity--like mother, like daughter!  I put the LOVE pillows in here especially for you, Amber, and Jade.  Kudos to you Wanda, I adored your story of teaching your daughter to help in the kitchen since she was a toddler - Duh! so much better than parking them in front of the tv!!

Hope you have an absolutely amazing weekend filled with fun projects and lots of love.

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