08 December 2011

Scandinavian Christmas Snow

I have to admit that I'm beginning to yearn for the arrival of winter. Really.  I may be  shunned for saying this, but I WANT snow. Yup.   I'm not kidding.  All of this warm weather has been great, but seriously, shouldn't we need a winter jacket by now?  Don't get me wrong, I don't love the cold weather - unless I'm complaining about it :) -- but this weather makes it so difficult to get my Christmas mojo going!  The Christmas tree has been up for over a week now.  Lights? Check. Garland? Nope. Not one single ornament hangs from its fragrant branches. Quite a radical change  from my annual obsessive Christmas decoration frenzy.  Usually, I'm in a crazed state the entire weekend after Thanksgiving trying to get the whole house done.  So, yeah, I need snow. Like NOW, please! 

Until then, I'm trying to self-motivate. I imagine sitting by the wood stove, a crackling wood fire blazing, as I sip from a steaming cup of tea watching fat silent snowflakes swirl slowly dancing to the frozen ground. 

Or, I could just go on Pinterest!

Okay, so this little girl is the cutest ever!

via Pinterest

A Scandinavian Christmas uses natural organic elements to create decors that are stunning in their simplicity.  No trip to the mall necessary.  Simply take a walk around your yard or nearby park for inspiration. 

Tomorrow we will look inside some beautiful Scandinavian homes all decked out for God Jul.

Think snow!

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