15 December 2011

Cooking Up Some Christmas Cheer

I saw a question on a website yesterday asking if people decorated their kitchens for Christmas. I was so shocked I nearly fell off my chair!  DUH!  Of course, people decorate their kitchen for the holidays!  This poor young woman must have been horribly deprived as a child, forced to wander, lost, year after dismal year through the undecorated kitchens of her miserable Christmas memories.  Well, of course we're here to remedy that!  So pour a fresh cup of whatever hot steamy beverage is your fave and get comfy because this is about making the best place in the house sparkle with festive holiday cheer!

Is there anything better than a kitchen at Christmas time?  
The scents and aroma of gingerbread baking in the oven...
Mulled spices simmering on the stovetop 
and fresh evergreen boughs working 
their fragrant magic throughout...

Christmas decorating doesn't have to be garish department store style with lots of store bought glitzy ornaments and figurines - unless you want that look of course!  Instead bring on the greens!  Place a bowl of paper white narcissus or amaryllis in a sunny spot, or hang a wreath at your kitchen window, loop a small swag of evergreen tied with ribbon  from a cabinet door, put a gingerbread house or a candle on the counter....  Whatever you do, the simpler and more natural, the better it will look in your  perfectly cheerful Christmas kitchen

Now that the kitchen is ready for Christmas, why not do some baking!!

Follow the link below to this deliciously yummy recipe!

Have a "baking" good day!
sorry about that - I got carried away!



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