19 October 2011

Minimalist Scandinavian Design

Swedish Architect, John Robert Nilsson's Lake House

This may be my favorite minimalist design ever!  The design is so serene,simple, and well, perfect! Nilsson deconstructs a home to its essence; a place to relax, to eat, to cook, to dream, to bathe.  Nothing distracts the eye from that magnificent view! Here, one can appreciate the beauty of the incredible scenery and take a vacation from  the visual overload of the modern world.  The infinity pool is heavenly, as is that sunken get-out-of -the-wind super cozy fire pit!  

It makes me want to throw out everything!

ph:oto credits:  chictip.com, homedit.com, woovaa.com

Johan Sundberg in Sweden

Here is an assortment of minimal Scandinavian design--beautiful!

    via Ikea.com

    Hope you enjoyed the bold, beautiful modern

     minimalist designs featured today!  

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