04 August 2011

The Art of Organizing Chaos - or bookshelves!

There are days that this sign is sooooo true!  For example, when a visitor comes to the door they are greeted by frantic stereophonic barking as the two dogs race to the kitchen door.  The cat, not to be outdone by mere dogs, must rub against the visitor's legs, hoping for a scratch behind her ears.  Of course, the appearance of kitty always signals the start of yet another rousing game of "Chase the Cat" and the boys run to see who is at the door.  Pure chaos!  I suppose I could get one of those electronic barking collars for the dogs, but I don't want to zap the doggies for doing what they do best.  Besides, I think I secretly love the confusion, commotion and chaos!  But then again, I always liked being the "Kool-Aid" house" on the block -- the place where all the kids hang out to play!  

However, I hate such disorder in my bookshelves.   In looking to get my own house super organized  I've posted some inspirations on the art of arranging bookshelves that are super pretty, chic, and most of all, calm!  Now, if I could only find some time!

Have a calm day!

okay so these aren't bookshelves...but they are so beautiful!

Images: etsy.com suzannekasler.com decorpad.com   femina.dk houseofturquoise.com  apartmenttherapy.com       phoebehoward.net  suzannekasler.com  .janshowers.com   phoebehoward.net  desiretoinspire.net  janshowers.com                 .

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