22 June 2011

Dreamy Bedrooms....

Aspirations of a Southern Housewife: Coccooning

Here are some of my favorite dreamy bedrooms.  Each one is like a sweet lullaby; with soft, muted tones and crisp sheets to gently transport you to the land of nod!   I love them all!  Which one is your favorite? 

9 of 13 | Johns Island
This has to be one of my favorite dreamy bedrooms! I love the simplicity and purity of the design. Plus, it's in my fav color! Perfection!
photos 1 -  5  tphoebehoward.net

Gustavian design combined with a perfect color scheme. I love the wide pine floors too!

French Larkspur - eclectic - bedroom - chicago - by French Larkspur
love the scalloped edges on the furniture and the soft grey tones against all of the white. So sweet.
5 of 10 | Breakers

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RL Home has perfected the British West Indies style with this design. I can just imagine some heroine of a gothic romance novel primly perched on this beauty pining away for her secret lover.
Private House in Tinos | Yatzer™
I love everything about this room. Even Henry David Thoreau would approve of this formula of simplify,
simplify, simplify!
11 of 14 | Pink in Bermuda
Love this nautical style for a boys room. If only one of my sons would let me near their room!

Stylizimo blog: { DIY: Headboard! }
 love this headboard made of vintage recycled planks. The juxtaposition of the rustic headboard against the sleek nickel finish of the lamp is so chic!

Verdigris Vie: A Softer Side
Phoebe Howard nails another bedroom! A classic composition and beautiful soft hues. Love her style!

I always wanted a cupboard bed when I was little. They are so cozy and romantic! And utilitarian, too! Check out the features and details in this room.http://pinterest.com/bonjourmesamis/home-decor-inspiration/

et me know which one is your favorite!   Next time, dining rooms!

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  1. Gorgeous! I'll take any of those but the pink numbers have my heart. I don't know how Chuck would feel about that