21 January 2014

Shoes, Snow & New Beginnings: Oh My!

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Good Morning!

I am feeling like a phoenix arising out of the ashes to begin life anew - like a chameleon ready to change color as I take a deep breath and step into a new beginning. 

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 I can't tell you much more than that at the moment sweet reader, but I promise to share just as soon as I've worked out all the details!  I must admit I am feeling so optimistic about my decision that I know it is right.  Because I will be in control of my destiny instead of waiting for life to happen to me.   So ladies, when making a giant leap forward it's important to step out in some pretty swag-worthy shoes, right?

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Okay, make that drop dead gorgeous right?  But, well, this is snowy, ice-cold New England and besides; I would have to shave my legs this morning instead of blogging! So, I will probably just wear  my new fave Rockport waterproof technology boots that I have been wearing all winter long. Well, at least since I took down the Christmas tree decorations at Reebok's corporate office a few weeks ago and had a chance to shop at the company store! Oh joy!

Since the local weather forecasters are expecting 5"-10" of new snow tonight, I should probably be sporting something like these rugged beauties instead.

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No matter which shoe choice I end up making, I just know that my new life is going to be fantastic because really...

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it is like Christian Louboutin said...

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So wish me luck and please, if you have a chance, I'd love to hear some of your stories and advice about starting something new!




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