18 July 2012

Fantasy for a Sweltering Summer Day

Yesterday was 98 degrees.  Today the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for parts of Massachusetts and a thunderstorm watch is in effect until 9 p.m.  All I know is that here on the Cape, where a sea breeze typically keeps the temps around ten degrees cooler, it is so damn hot, that just to move makes one sweat!  Aimee and I walked a few miles early this morning and we just wanted to jump in the ocean on the way back to the cottage - sneakers and all! Aimee's dog, Camille, actually jumped in a salt water pond to chase some ducks!  It's one of those days that by the time you dry off from a shower, you are already covered with a layer of sweat. 

Soooo, I'm dreaming of plunge pools in a tropical paradise with a strong trade wind to cool things off! 

Hope you are keeping cool!  

Daily Dose of Nola

Nola is still having fun sticking out her tongue at everyone.
 Here she's posing as the Gordon's Fisherman!
so funny!

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