05 June 2012

Peony Power

It is that amazing time of year when New England gardens are scented by the beautiful perfume of peonies.  Just a faint whiff of it's heavenly scent carried on the breeze makes my heart beat with joy. If only they would last all summer long! 

 I had to bring some of this perfumed gorgeousness inside to make me smile...when I walk by my kitchen table (left) or kitchen shelves (right)

Sorry, if I got carried away here, but I am smitten with the way the pink looks against the chalkboard paint behind the shelves and all the white dishes!

Must have flowers next to the kitchen sink...

 and on the little desk in the kitchen..

In the half bath off the kitchen...

And in the bedroom too

Lesson learned: Never underestimate the power of a fragrant pink peony to brighten your day!!  

Our own sweet little pink peony:  Nola

There isn't anything more beautiful than a sleeping baby!

Have a great day!



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