25 June 2012

Life's Better on the Block

10 miles off the coast of Rhode Island in Block Island Sound lies an island of pure, idyllic and unspoiled beauty.  
 It's a magical place.
Victorian hotels, lighthouses, dirt roads, and 360 degree of breath-taking views 
Dotted with weathered gray homes, the island is pure magic
Since we go to the island on our boat, we bike everywhere.
This photo is from a scrapbook page I made for the kids in 2010-- the year my husband taught the boys how to pilot the little dinghy.
  Block Island Sculptures are found on every beach - creating one is a very  calming experience so I guess that's why they are found on every beach.
as are beachroses...my fave, obviously!
Green driveways are the norm on the island.
Anything fancy here just looks out of place.  

The best part of the evenings are the sunsets...

See you in a few weeks!



For more information on Block Island, check out Block Island Chamber of Commerce

sunset photo of ferry by Pat James Photography

Photo credits: Block Island

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