13 April 2012

Down the Garden Path


Is there anything more alluring and tempting, than the mysterious charm of a well-planned garden path?  Especially paths that curve luring one to tread onward, ever deeper into the the garden, sending each visitor on a quest seeking to discover what lies hidden behind the next bend in the path.  Maybe the path is paved and clearly marked, or just an indentation in the crushed petals of a ground cover.  Simple bent blades of grass may mark the path of deer and other creatures seeking a spring stream or brook.  Whatever material it's made of, or who has made them, garden paths provide mystical magical moments to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.  Here's a few of my faves..

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Even the straight and narrow path can beckon us to see what lies hidden beyond that hill.


The best garden paths lead home.

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Other paths lead us outdoors...

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The best part of garden paths?

The flowers, of course!

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