27 March 2012

It's Shell-tastic!

Sorry for my lack of posts.  Life has been super busy, hectic, and of course, lots of fun!  First, true confession.  I live about 30 minutes too far from the ocean.  I totally love, as in absolutely adore, the beach.  I don't care if it's winter, spring, fall, or summer, just seeing a salt marsh makes my heart skip a beat.  So, as you can imagine, total cardiac arrest occurs when I actually get the chance to see the ocean itself.  That's why I love anything related to the beach.  So naturally, shell mirrors, frames, sconces, walls and cabinets makes me swoom big time.  Bathrooms, for some strange reason, seem to naturally collect beach related paraphenalia and decorations.  Must be something in the water I guess.

my iphone!

While the weather has taken a nose dive from the record highs  of last week, I still find myself in summer mode!  And summer decor at my house means bringing out my collection of sea glass, starfish, coral, and random shell collection.  I also collect beach sand!  Too much? There are so many beautiful beaches around the world with unique sand - from the fine white baby-powder soft sand of Siesta Key to the gritty shell strewn sand of (go figures!) Shell Beach in St. Barths, I love them all!  One of these days I will actually pour them into different antique glass jars with labels and put them in a display shelf.

I'm so jealous of Aerin Lauder's powder room - you just know it wants to come live with me!!   Beginning with that shimmering mother of pearl wallpaper handcrafted by Maya Romanoff, a spectacular clam shell sink and verre eglomaise vanity all topped off with one beautiful shell mirror.  One might be tempted to never leave this stunning bit of perfection!

Is this huge mirror fabulous or what?  It dominates the entire bathroom and just says look at me, I'm spectacular!!  

I can almost smell the surf!


Why not do more with shells you ask?  We must have been sisters in another life, because I was just thinking the very same thing!

Oly makes these terrific sconces with a beachy vibe


 Meet the Atlantis Sconce and its neighbor, the Wellfleet


Why not let scallop shells swirl and piroutte in a ballet across your daughter's walls?

Too much?  How about a faux giant clam shell from Z Gallerie?

z gallerie
Perhaps a beautiful shell encrusted chandelier is an option?

 I think Heaven must look a little like this beach!

I bet you're just dying for a peek of cute little Nola so here it is, our daily dose of Nola!  Do you think she's trying to tell me to stop taking photos of her every 2 seconds, or deciding if she needs a manicure?  It's bad,  I'm positively obsessed with this sweet baby!

Have a great day today!



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