02 February 2012

Nostalgic Oak Kitchen

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Is this kitchen a beauty or what?  I adore the old time  nostalgic charm of this quarter sawn oak kitchen - from the wood countertops to those sliding upper glass cabinet doors to the brass key holes on the abundant drawers, the green marble backsplash, the pendant light fixture...in short every little detail of this kitchen shouts CHARM! I so love when a kitchen transcends time and isn't torn out to be replaced by something modern, that lacks  authenticity to the architecture of the place, in the name of remodeling or progress.  

I guess I'm still thinking about an old  house in East Milton Square, across from Starbucks, that was loaded with bygone charm - intricate bespoke moldings adorned the home along with heavy oak doors.  When I saw that it was being remodeled I rejoiced at what great bones the contractor had to work with, and briefly imagined how I would redo the home if it was my project. I could hardly wait to see how beautiful it would look restored!  

Yesterday, when I drove by for the first time in two weeks, I nearly wept.  Gone were all those beautiful moldings replaced with cheap vinyl siding in a non-descript color, and an unpainted builder's special steel door.  The elegant charm and beckoning lure of the home had been butchered -- destroyed, pillaged, and mutilated by some ignorant contractor too uninformed or too lazy to realize what a jewel was already there. It makes me so sad when I see so many beautiful old unique homes converted into ghosts of their former beauty in the name of progress when all they do is contribute to a dull unimaginative conformity of place -- utterly lacking in visual charm.

Sorry for the rant!! I just think historical preservation should be more of a priority in remodeling old homes!  What do you think?

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