23 January 2012

Monday Mornings

I want to wish you each a very happy Monday morning!   I personally used to hate Mondays, but now, I just love them, because it means Beachrose Ramblings Room of the Week!  So get some coffee or tea, or soda, if that's what works for you, and take a little break while we explore the best room in the house, family rooms!

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Family rooms are usually the best room in the house and I don't mean in terms of style!  This is THE room where life happens - the good, the bad, and the ugly!  It's the room where the dog takes over the couch, and the sofa cushion's been flipped so many times to hide this spill or that spill, its where the kids play video games after school, and the baby first learned to walk, there's baby paraphenalia everywhere or toddler's toys to trip over -- but it's still the best room in the house because its filled with love. 

 Here's a few gorgeous spaces to dream about when the puppy stops teething on the coffee table or junior starts preschool....

Aren't those red doors gorgeous?

I love  how these laquered blue walls reflect the light bouncing it around the room!

I love ottomans as coffee tables!  
They're perfect to put your feet up on while watching House Hunters International!


Totally in love with tree stump tables -- and the little bit of purple in this room.

This just looks so cozy to me.  A great big long sofa to stretch out on  with comfy pillows and a stack of  good books in a room filled with sunshine!  Comfy seating is the first thing a good family room needs!

Is that couch lilac?? LOVE it!

This is one of my faves  probably because it reminds me of my kitchen seating area.  We have a wood stove and two IKEA love seats facing each other. In the winter, it's where we eat our meals, read, and just hang out.  (Thank you IKEA for amazing low-cost slipcovers!) Love white couches!

Lots of family rooms in newer homes have  tall soaring ceilings  like these.

via Pinterest 

I love these family rules! The font is so hip and modern...By the way, I HAVE to have that rug! It's perfect for a project I'm working on.... If anyone knows where its from, please email me!!

The most important thing in decorating your family room is to include your personality, hobbies, and family loves into the space


A Special Space

For some reason, this photo reminds me of my paternal grandmother's house -- I think it's the size and shape of the armchair along with all the pretty colors....She had a gorgeous black needlepoint rug with a riot of different pink blossoms on it and  a green sofa with floral pillows and of course, pretty bone china tea cup collections everywhere!! Such a lovely little girly corner!


By the way, Aimee's baby shower went great despite the 4 -5 inches of  powdery snow that fell all day long!  It was so great to see so many family and dear friends!
I'm sorting through the photos and hope to share with you tomorrow or Wednesday! 



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