06 January 2012

Cozy White Kitchens Warmed with Wood

Happy Friday to all!  It's been a busy week here at Beachrose Ramblings - juggling a number of projects at once is a bit crazy! But, I absolutely love it!   So, like you, I'm looking forward to some rest and relaxation this weekend! Getting back in the swing of things after the holidays is always a bit rough isn't it?   I have to confess that I am obsessed with kitchens -- the more deconstructed of course, the better, in my view, and I'm especially smitten with white kitchens.  However, white kitchens can be sterile, cold, and austere places. And, who wants to hang out in an unwelcoming space?  So today, I wanted to share some beautiful white kitchens with you.  Each is warmed by the use of warm wood tones either used alone or in combination on the ceilings, beams, islands, floors, and/or cabinets to create charming cozy spaces in the very heart of the home.  Be sure to check out the birch log table legs in the photo below!! Wow! I'm in total love!

In... childhood memories...there's a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom." - Barbara Costikyan

Pecky Cyprus makes the best driftwood-y looking cabinets especially with a pickled gray finish! I also love the bit of various shades of green as an accent - so terrific in a kitchen!

The kitchen below, mixes a number of different woods -- from the beams to the different finishes on upper and lower distressed cabinets and the island, as well as the wall of weathered grey cabinetry. 

Craving a simple and serene yet warm kitchen?  The little bit of wood over the range and on the floor does the trick perfectly -- balancing out those pretty, but cool, white marble counters!

Wood countertops are a simply gorgeous way to warm up a white kitchen!

Or, just use a gorgeous wood with patina on the floor...

via Pinterest

No wood in your kitchen?  Hang copper pans to warm up the space and add some cozy charm!

Have a fun weekend!



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