30 December 2011

What is Beautiful?

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So, for some inexplicable reason yesterday, I decided to search the website, Pinterest, for the word "beautiful".  In case you've been living under a rock for a while and haven't heard of this wildly successful website, let me explain. Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board where you can "pin" photos of anything you like on the web. You can categorize your finds on multiple boards that are followed by friends and strangers alike joined by their mutual admiration of the photograph you have pinned. 

It's an amazing website. Really. The only negative is that I spend way too much time on it.  Why? Because like everyone else I'm seeking REALLY 
a-m-a-z-i-n-g stuff, and there's always plenty of beautiful inspirational photographs of gorgeous rooms, incredible fashion finds, beauty and exercise tips, wedding and party ideas, whew! Did I mention the great recipes? 

Because there's so much to see and pin, it's incredibly easy to become obsessed - addicted even. But, I digress! 

 I wondered, what is beautiful to Pinterest?

What would the creative genius's of Pinterest pin as beautiful?  Would there be a bevy of gorgeous places?  Exotic spaces with tall jungle-green mountains surrounded by azure waters?   What about Tahiti?  The lights of Manhattan at night?  Would there be the faces of beautiful woman, men, and children?  works of art?  What on  earth would I find? I pondered a plethora of possibilities (well, to be truthful, not really - I've never actually pondered anything, but it sounded so smart!)  

And, what is it that I consider beautiful?   Well,   flowers for sure.  When I think of beautiful I imagine floral arrangements of fragrant roses dripping with dew, enveloped by a circular swath of pale, yet prolific, pink petals. The sweet hue of apple blossoms in early spring. And peonies, lots of peonies, the exact same color of a kitten's tongue, wet with milk.  That is beautiful.  

Here are a few of the things the Pinterest community captioned as beautiful.

Okay. Babies are a given.  Beautiful in an incredibly cute but often homely way - that is, of course, unless it's your baby!  :)

So, if babies are beautiful, then their cribs must be too.

Mommies and newborns are always so beautiful - even more so when nursing -- are you listening Target?

Brides are always glowing and beautiful on their wedding day.

Jewelry is beautiful.

Quilts and textiles are beautiful.

People are beautiful.  Not just babies and brides, but men, women, and children too.

The female body is strong and beautiful.

Men are beautiful too.

And a woman wearing a dress made of sheepskin while holding a baby goat is beautiful too.

The Bible is one beautiful book.

Rooms are beautiful too.

Nature is beautiful ...

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Love, however, is the most beautiful thing of all!

Love makes you immortal...


And never, ever EVER forget

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Wishing you each a beautiful New Year in 2012!!




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