13 December 2011

Shopping, shopping, shopping!


Ahh, the fun of Christmas shopping.  The joy of standing in long lines to take advantage of special discounts - today only - of course.  Browsing in store after store for the "perfect" gift (no luck there) for those special people on your list. For once though, I  resisted the urge to buy everything I liked for myself. Kudos!  So then, while waiting in a long line snaking through the Vera Bradley store and browsing Pinterest on my i-Phone,  I repinned these beds  because they looks so comfy cozy and all I want to do is crawl in one of them and take a quick little nap...

That is, after I soak my poor tired feet in this amazing tub!

Wake me in 10 minutes please!  

Okay, so it was a nice thought to have an afternoon siesta, but it's back to shopping!


Have a terrific day!



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