26 October 2011

Reclaimed Wood & White: A Winning Combo


I am crazy about weathered wood with tons of white!  I mean totally smitten, want to paint every wall white, and cover all the ceilings in reclaimed wood.  Only the lack of time and money stops me! I can hear my family saying "thank goodness!" Pay no mind to the naysayers!   

I'm trying to decide how to redo each of  my two sweet sons' rooms. Both need an update to reflect their teen status.  So its time to ditch Thomas the Train and all the other stuff that's been accumulating up there-- under the beds and in the closet (talk about a creepy place!) All lost and forgotten memories of younger days in Toyland.  It's also a great time to clean out and donate some of these things to others. While I was looking for inspiration, I found lots of examples of my current crush to share with you today.  Hope you are inspired too!

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I think I've realized that the reason for my addiction to this color scheme is that I love barns!  
And  my obsession began at Moody Mountain Farm in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire the summer before last at my daughter's wedding.

Since then I've been totally in love with reclaimed wood -- and swings!  

This swing is soooo cool.  It reminds me of the swing in the huge barn where my daughter, Aimee, and her super sweet hubby, Mike, got hitched.  

The swing was amazing as you can see!  Long and low so you swung out both far and just high enough to be not only exhilarating, but a bit scary too!  And the views were so pretty! 

Imagine this bed from Anthropologie hanging from one of those reclaimed wood ceilings...    Sweet dreams are sure to be yours in this!

I'll leave you with a couple of photos from that terrific day... Wow, sorry, I am all over the place today!  ADHDitis!! But I love the reclaimed wood with the white and the burlap... It might just be the springboard to a good color scheme for one of the boys, with a touch of blue -- both boys' favorite color!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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