19 September 2011

Shut the Front Door!

I hope you had a great weekend!  Besides playing chauffeur and hanging out at the soccer fields over the weekend :), I've collected some photos of memorable front doors for you this morning.  These are truly dazzling front doors, be they formal or informal, each one is individually charming.  Just look at these surrounded by climbing roses - how romantic!

I think this is a Boston Ivy turned a vivid red in autumn?  Whatever the plant, this doorway is amazing!  

...and a  couple of terrific tropical doors
I love shutters on front doors!  And from one of my favorite blogs, a perfect cotton candy pink door on a home in the Bahamas...ahhh!
Aren't these doors and the Moroccon design on the building just yummy?
Are you a visual perfectionist who craves formal symmetry?  If so, check out the doors below!
I love Dutch Doors!  This one below is so welcoming isn't it?
Perhaps dazzling and exotic doors in vivid shades of color makes your heart skip a beat?  I know mine does when I see these bits of gorgeousness from around the world!

And lastly, some simple doors for a beach house -- like these pretty ones on Nantucket.

Have a lovely Monday!

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