08 September 2011

My Nana's Kitchen

When I see an old-fashioned kitchen my heart skips a beat.  Perhaps it's nostalgia; all those warm fuzzy memories of my Nana's kitchen. Maybe it's how unique her kitchen was.  There was no other kitchen like it.  It reflected her love of dear friends and family; home cooked meals and her guilty pleasure of baking. (I miss those cream puffs Nana!) 

Everything in her kitchen had a purpose.  Some ojects were chipped or worn from daily use.  Her aprons were a splash of color, starched and hung in a pretty row like flowers.   The shelves in the walk-in-pantry held mixing bowls, flour, and anything else needed to whip up some tasty little treat at a moments notice.  

But there wasn't a measuring spoon or cup to be found in my grandmother's kitchen.  Nana measured using the palm of her hand.  Recipes called for a pinch of salt, a nickel-sized pinch of baking powder, a quarter pinch of cinnamon and so on... :)

There weren't any fancy bottles or gadgets on her counters.  The only object that was purely decorative was the kitchen Madonna that hung near the stove blessing all who entered the lively space.  Considering the love, joy, and welcome feeling that all who entered her kitchen felt, I guess it did serve a purpose after all!

Whatever it is, I know that I am longing for the long over-due death of the typical builder's suburban kitchen.  The austere and sterile nature of them leave me cold.  A kitchen should have character and reflect its owner, not the latest trend in kitchen design magazines.

Just take a look at these charming and unique kitchens and I think you will agree.

I love the kitchen Madonna in the photo above right!  I think I have to find one for my kitchen!

It's just my opinion, but I think what our kitchens need is, well... more of  us!  We  need  to bring in our individual personality and interests.    After all, kitchens are the most personal of public spaces.  It's where we prepare meals, help our children with homework,  make cookies and cupcakes, watch our children grow, see friendships blossom, etc.  What I am struggling to say here is that ...life happens in the kitchen!  It's where we spend time with  those we love most.  So, who cares if the room is too small or narrow, or if the floors are scuffed and need repair, or the counters are outdated?  Make the best of what you have, fill your kitchen with love and it will be the most beautiful and memorable kitchen of all.

Thanks Nana for the love and memories, I miss you always!


My apologies, but I misplaced the credit for photos 1 and 6; if anyone can identify them, please let me know so I can give provide the source with credit! Thanks!

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