06 September 2011

Life Without Electricity and Found Objects


Hope everyone had a terrific Labor Day weekend!  It's been over a week since I last updated this page.  Thanks to Tropical Storm Irene our town was without electricity for six days.  That means no internet, no blogging, no browsing pinterest, nada, zilch, nothing!  In other words, a true vacation from modern life!  What I discovered was that the best things in life come without electricity -such as playing board-games by candle light with my family.  My favorite?  A toss up between chess, Sorry, and Head Bandz!!  Fun, but I digress!  

When we were cleaning up the yard, my son found a palette like this one above.  Since I loved the texture and coloring of it, I did a quick internet search and came up with this sweet little DIY tray project posted on Design Sponge. You can link to it here I think I'm in love!  Now, where's my power saw?

Today is the kids' first day back to school, so I have to run!

Have a wonderful day!

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