01 August 2011

Cottage Charm

I have been transforming a small, old summer cottage on Cape Cod from its 1960s look-- tiny rooms with small windows, orange-toned knotty pine paneling,  hospital green walls,  linoleum floors, and scratchy wool upholstery, ugh! -- to something that is more light-filled, quaint, and well, beachy-chic.  This is being done on a limited budget with lots and lots of DIY work and re-purposing existing pieces of furniture.  I've been scouring around for possible hidden treasures and found some great old pieces at the Brimfield Antique Fair, local thrift shops, and believe it or not, the client's basement for pieces that just need a bit of love.  In my world, that means paint. Have I mentioned I love to paint?  haha!  Walls, cabinets, furniture, and well anything else that doesn't move. I usually have a few wayward streaks of paint in my hair on any given day!

I thought I'd share some of my favorite cottage inspirations with you. When we finally finish the cottage later this fall, I'll share its transformation with you!
Have a lovely day!


What a great idea!  Make a check list of all the things you or your children want to do over the summer!

This is a beautiful Nancy Fishelson's renovation -- she is the master of whites and architecture to achieve perfect simplicity

Another Nancy Fishelson design at cotedetexas.blogspot.com
Fishelson Kitchen at lh3.ggpht.com
small, cottage kitchen with maple counters and pops of blue
Great use of color in a small kitchen! break through cottage wall into living room?

Suzanne Kasler's masterful use of texture and color


What is better than laundry dried outside?  A well-organized linen closet, of course!

DIY labels @ deliciouslyorganized.blogspot.com
Client's husband's favorite color: baby blue
 perfect! suzannekasler.com

iron beds in a guest room are so quaint!
love the rag rug over painted floors!
great color combinations (above and below)
sweet for a guest room or a girl's space
Chocolate and turquoise = a great vibe!

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