25 October 2012

Thursday Tour

I adore the old shingle style homes that dot coastal New England.  Many of these have been transformed and updated like the one above, still others are brand new but faithful reproductions on the outside.  Wanted to share some of my favorites from this style with you.  I love love love (triple X) the foyer below for its stark yet stunning simplicity.  From the creamy white paneling to the stained trim that accents the top of the molding matching the wood bannister on the staircase, this is perfection.  I also think that bench is such a great addition!  Really functional too.  I know if it was in my house it would be covered with backpacks, jackets, homework papers, and the boys' sneakers too.  I still would love it!   The soaring two story foyer is accented by a series of windows above the door letting in tons of light. And the chandelier overhead is subtle perfectiom.   Which brings me to that beautiful Dutch door -- I am absolutely head over heels in love with that door and this foyer! 

The back hall is perfection  with simple ceiling mount lights, creamy white walls, and sheer linen cafe curtains hung from a simple rod.  All the metal finishes in the home are oil rubbed bronze.

The creamy white walls continue into the living room along with the oil rubbed bronze finishes on the drapery rods and the sconces aboce the fireplace.  This room will seat a crowd in style with its symettrically paired sofas and chairs.  The drapery fabric ties the whole room together.   Everything is done in that spare Yankee style of simplicity that is so restful - nothing jars the eye visually.  The kitchen and dining area repeat Thoreau's mantra of simplify, simplify, simplify!  I love it!  Hope you do too!

Sorry, I ran out of time!  Have a wonderful day!


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