06 March 2012

Color Watch

I know, I know-- everyone is going crazy for color, but I've still got a case of the hots for gris, gray,  greige, or whatever we're calling this fabulous color now!  I love a faint aqua tint to the gray myself, probably because that's the color of my kitchen tile. (below) Ummm,maybe I should have swept it first!

But, I digress!  I don't think anyone does this look better than Tracery Interiors.  Their moody mix of neutrals in light and dark shades just makes my heart swoon!

Okay so this look (above) is EXACTLY how I would like to redo my lower kitchen cabinets. The bonus? It just might help hide the perennial juice and coffee stains left by nameless goblins that I am constantly and forever scrubbing off the white cabinets with those Magic Erasers.  If I'd known how reliant I would be on those little white bits of toxicity, I would have bought them by the case! As it is, there is a spot by the Keurig that has a permanent coffee stain running down the front of the cabinet.  I have tried everything, yes, of course I repainted it!  But I can still see it. Grrrr!  

Okay, so now to the important stuff, here's Nola! She had her first pediatrician appointment yesterday and gained 4 oz.  She's not only beautiful, but healthy too!! Okay I admit it-- I'm obsessed with this little bundle of joy!  There's nothing that brings out the best (and silliest) in us then a new baby in the family! Babies are the most beautiful thing we can ever bring home!

The sun is out here in chilly New England and the forecast is great -- 65 degrees on Thursday!  Bye-bye snow!  Fourteen days til spring!

Have an amazing day today!!



Photos: traceryinteriors


  1. I really really like this post. Simple, charming and elegant interiors!

  2. Thanks so much--I love it too!! The work of Tracery Interiors have to be one of my all-time faves. Thanks for taking the time to comment on the post, I love getting feedback! xo