26 January 2012

Peter Block Caseworks and Aimee's Shower

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Despite the snow, the baby shower was lots of fun!


Okay, so these flowers weren't on top of the cake at the shower, but full disclosure -- we saved the cake for Nola's first birthday and put it in a Glad container.  Someone put something on top of the container and now the top of the cake displays the Glad logo!!  Blind as I am I couldn't see the wire on these flowers until I put the photo up here! Oh well, c'est la vie!

My first experience with fondant -- love it!

invites from tinyprints.com

My eldest daughter, Missie, made the delicious fudge!

My bestie, Carol-anne, made the awesome Sangria!  I'll get the recipe and post it later for you -YUMMY!

My daughter, Aimee (left)  Erin (of Erineverafter) with her cute hubby and helper, Chuck.

Carole-anne with her sweet daughter, Sophia, (left)  Two cute baby mamas, Betsy and Aimee.

Aimee and Mike opening gifts

Erin and Aimee B.
 My daughter, Missie,with her bestie, Jill
 Missie's youngest daughter, Mariah

Nola is due in 38 days!!

Have a great day!



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