02 January 2012

Master Bedroom Love

 houseofturquoise.com/ Phoebe Howard design

Hope you had a fabulous New Years and are all rested up from the parties.  If not, I have some pretty amazing bedrooms for you to gaze your bloodshot eyes at.  Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, bohemian,  glamour girl, farmhouse rustic, or just plain sexy, you'll find something to dream about here!  

Ever since I saw the show Mad Men, I have been wild about tufted headboards!  

via PInterest

Okay, I must confess that I adore the traditional room above -- who doesn't want to sleep in such a totally girly space?  And that pretty bed looks so comfy, pink, and elegant.  But, then again, the first bedroom my mom ever let me design when I was 12 had a furry pink bedspread like the one below with three pink walls, one black wall and loads of beaded curtains in an attempt to keep my little sister - who I shared the space with - on her side of the room! (It didn't work - she loved the noise it made and playing with the beads!) Wish I'd had a pink ceiling like this though.  Fabulous!


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  1. Hi! I'm looking for a pink fur bedspread just like this. Where can I get one?? Thanks.

    1. Thanks Elyssiaa, for asking. I couldn't locate anything ready made, but you can order faux mongolian fur fabric in pink at fabric.com and have it made. Good luck!