11 November 2011

Nola's Nursery Inspiration


Somehow I forgot to include the Stokke Sleepi -- a crib that's literally pure-genius as it grows with baby-- on my post yesterday of amazing cribs!(REALLY! Check out the link)  Mea culpa!

So, you have probably been wondering why I have been looking at nursery design all week but have been too shy to ask.  Well, the good news is my daughter, Aimee, and her hubby, Mike are expecting their first child this March!  And a recent ultrasound revealed...It's a Girl!  At this point her name is Nola Grace, but that could still change judging by the number of baby name books still stacked in their living room!

Today, I'm pleased to share our design inspirations for Nola's Nursery!  The room itself is perfect. It has loads of sunlight, pumpkin colored wood floors with loads of patina, high ceilings and windows, and old shaker style doors with glass doorknobs -- similar to the image below.


Aimee prefers neutral spaces...


However, she also wants a little bit of color to liven up the space, like these monochromatic rooms below.


What about pink??

We love things hanging from a high ceiling - but what?

Lots to love here-the modern crib, comfy chair, flowered pouf and we especially love the butterfly mobile!


Love the repetitive use of circles here -- especially juxtaposed  against the rectangular striped rug and linear furnishings.

Love the super sweet flowered mobile!

Aimee wants some sort of a feature wall behind the crib to add some interest and a wow factor. 
 Baby daddy digs maps and nautical charts - as do I.

Love it!  
However, it might be a better decor choice for a boy though.

This is close to perfect!  Subtle silvery shade of gray with a birch tree mural on one wall (as well as I can't get enough of these hanging butterflies) and a paper lantern - could I have four more pretty please in different shades of pink and orange?  Love the chair but wouldn't want to rock an infant in it at 3 a.m.!

Okay, too cute.  And that's why it's out of the question.  Aimee wants a room that is more sophisticated and adult like than this.  Which is why the butterfly wallpaper below is out as well!



Love this wall featuring the alphabet!  
 What a great way for baby to learn her ABCs! But surprisingly my literary daughter ix-nayed that idea.

The dandelion sticker is more grown up but still not right.

This feature wall is cool, grown up, & sophisticated -  but fun too!
Aimee wants the room to reflect the colors we found while walking on Poppy Beach earlier this fall and provided the inspiration for the nursery.


Greys, whites, and dusty purples it is!

This is the inspiration space! 
The colors are perfect and the feature wall isn't too babyish.

On Monday, I'll share our mood board with you!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!
Don't forget to thank a veteran today!
P.S.  Is anyone else having major Blogger issues today?  It keeps freezing up, the cursor keeps changing, I can't change text colors....UGH! 

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