01 November 2011

I Love Electricity!

Good Morning!  We just got our electricity back late last night after a freakish October snowstorm dumped about 6 inches of wet snow on us Saturday.  We lost a couple of trees due to the weight of the snow on the leaves -- a pear tree, a dogwood, and part of a star magnolia, which hopefully can recover.  The kids are home from school for a second day, and Halloween was postponed until Friday to make sure the electricity is back and running to keep those trick or treating lil goblins safe.   To celebrate the restoration of electricity, my top ten lighting fixtures for a contemporary dining space.

Top Ten Lighting

one: transparent chic
two: Anything sparkly
three: over- scaled 

four: industrial edge 

Unexpected shapes & materials
Seven: rustic charm
Eight: blast of color
Nine: organic bliss
Ten: provocative flair

Have a wonderful day! 

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