13 October 2011

Lovely Lavender, Lilac, and Ochid....I Love You All!


I am suddenly so smitten with these beautiful hues.  Last weekend while walking on the beach I noticed the beautiful shades of lavender inside some clam-shells.  Look at how great that fabulous color is against the grey exterior and the white part of the shell.... 

Before I knew it, both my pockets were filled and so my sweatshirt became a little basket for my new found treasures to be carried home! The Wampanoag call these shells wampum and believe they have spiritual powers.  In the past they wove it into belts to record memories, events, contracts, and treaties. (historythrougharts.org)  


So now its pretty safe to say that I am obsessed!   Be it a little or a lot, almost any space could use a dose of this color.  Whether it's saturated in it's most vivid and vibrant shades, or grayed out a bit, this color is hot, hot, hot!  It's fun, flirty, and feminine.  So check out the photos below and see if you don't have a secret yearning to fall under its magical spell....


use fresh lavender in your table settings...

Who doesn't love lavender gingham?

 Lavender covered letters....

This sorbet is the perfect shade of orchid!


When you look, really look, you see that lavender, lilac and orchid are everywhere!

Have a lovely day!

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